LiteBlog documentation

Getting the source code

LiteBlog data

  1. LiteBlog stores all of your blog data as XML files in App_Data folder.
  2. LiteBlog has a log file in the Logs folder.
  3. LiteBlog stores the uploaded documents in the Docs folder.

LiteBlog projects

  1. LiteBlog project contains the ASP.NET MVC project with razor views and scripts.
  2. LiteBlog.Common project contains the entities which is used to transfer data between layers from XmlLayer.
  3. LiteBlog.Components project contains the business logic components.
  4. LiteBlog.Controllers project contains the ASP.NET MVC controllers.
  5. LiteBlog.Infrastructure project contains the startup logic used by global.asax, and other extensibility components required to extend ASP.NET MVC - ControllerFactory, ModelBinder, etc.
  6. LiteBlog.IoC project contains the StructureMap IoC container and registry.
  7. LiteBlog.Models project contains the models required to display the view. As much as possible, entities in LiteBlog.Common project is used as model to display the view. But, this project contains some extra classes which is especially required to render views.
  8. LiteBlog.Scheduler project is a Windows Service using NCron job for scheduling tasks - Scheduled posts, Backup data, etc.
  9. LiteBlog.XmlLayer project contains the data access logic components to store data in XML files.
  10. LiteBlog.XmlProviders project contains a custom Membership provider which is used for Forms Authentication and stores user information as XML files.

LiteBlog features

  1. How to add a new controller to LiteBlog
  2. How LiteBlog handles attachments
  3. Responsive design for views

LiteBlog design

  1. High level architecture

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