Project Description

LiteBlog is a lightweight blog based on ASP.NET MVC 4 framework and Knockout.js. LiteBlog is a NoSQL blog with data stored in XML files.

Technology Stack

ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Knockout.js, StructureMap, LINQ to XML, Razor, CKEditor


Basic Features
  1. A rich editor (CKEditor) to compose posts.
  2. Viewing posts by categories, date, tags.
  3. Standard comment management features.
  4. Responsive page design for mobile and tablets.
  5. Widgets - Categories, Archive, Tag Cloud.
  6. Support for SiteMap, RSS, ATOM

Unique Features
  1. NoSQL - XML storage, including membership data.
  2. Add code snippets from CKEditor using PBCKCode plugin.
  3. Server based SyntaxHighlighter.
  4. Custom Membership Provider which stores membership data in XML.
  5. A great single-column layout for mobile devices like iPhone.
  6. Optimal performance using a cached middle layer (sub-second responses).
  7. Reorder categories from the admin pages.
  8. Both feeds and home page show posts sorted by Updated time.


LiteBlog uses the following open source software internally:
  1. CKEditor
  2. ColorCode
  3. oAuth2Authorizer
  4. DropBoxClient

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